Modern, simple construction system. Excellent thermal performance, durable and healthy. We Recommend!

House walls can not be replaced after a few years. Walls have an impact on whether the house is warm, durable, healthy. This must be a deliberate decision. That's why we provide you with HOTBLOK. Modern, warm and breathable technology. REALY WORTH.

DURABLE High mechanical endurance, fire resistance, durability, water vapor permeability, and, at the same time (often mutually exclusive), frost resistance and water resistance. Because walls are single-leaf, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is "sunk" in fire-hardened clay and has no contact with weather conditions; it is also resistant to mechanical damage. HotBlok insulating layer stays unaffected by erosion and eliminates possible errors connected with tratitional insulation, reducing maintenance costs over a long period of time.

HEALTHY Light expanded clay aggregate (LECA) of HotBlok elements, is made of fire-hardened and specially selected clay - healthy and natural material used in construction for years. The blocks have a very good diffusion coefficient (water vapor permeability) - mi=5 (while ideal diffusion coefficient is 1; a brick wall is 7; wood is 12; polystyrene is 50). This allows to maintain a better "microclimate" than in an old brick building (not thermally insulated) while preserving stringent thermal standards. The condition of breathability is, however, the use of breathable plaster and paint!! Expanded clay has additionally bactericidal and fungicidal properties, which results in a favorable microclimate, as well. HotBlok walls absorb excess moisture from the building interior, especially in spring and autumn. In winter when heating is switched on, HotBlok humidifies the house. It acts as a natural, costless and maintenance-free humidifier.

ENERGY SAVING PassiveHause Institute Darmstadt Certificate, low coefficient of thermal insulation - U = 0.15 W/m2K - required in the construction of energy efficient and passive houses. It allows to save on heating in winter and ensures comfort during hot weather. The condition for full thermal protection of a building is to ensure proper insulation in a roof, windows, and ventilation. Walls are only one of the important elements of energy saving idea - responsible for 25-30% of heat loss in conventional buildings. They are, at the same time, the simplest and relatively cheap cost saving source - HotBlok with heat transfer coefficient U=0.15 W/m2K, allows to reduce heat loss in external walls even by 70-90%, with no additional maintenance or operating costs.

INEXPENSIVE AND FAST TO CONSTRUCT HotBlok system ensures a fast and easy wall construction method; it does not require additional insulation; for every m2 of a wall 7 blocks are needed. Each element has grips for easy carrying and fitting it in the wall; the tongue and groove system eliminates the necessity to use mortar in vertical joints. Complementary elements of HotBlok system: half, corner, angular, and jamb blocks, as well as ready made lintels and ceiling insulation elements accelerate investment implementation. Warm-edge technology makes window fitting fast and eliminates thermal bridging effect. Cost and time reduction of the construction as well as no need for additional insulation compensate for a higher price of HotBlok system elements.

ThermiBau is a distributor of energy saving building materials, operating in Poland and on the international market, an important business partner in Central Europe. The origins of the company date back to 2010. At that time, Marcin Liberadzki and Artur Rybka became interested in energy saving and passive construction.

"We have created this company because we are confident that HotBlok is a unique, energy efficient, healthy, and durable technology."

HotBlok is an offer for conscious customers looking for the advantages of traditional building methods as well as modern technology which allows fast and energy saving construction. The comfort of living in a HotBlok house means much more than only economy or very low heating costs. Above all, it means the quality of life - a healthy microclimate. Fire-hardened and pressed, tiny clay pellets enable water vapor permeability - or breathability. Sleeping and living in a house built of such material is a pleasure - comparable to living in old buildings made of thick brick walls. The additional advantage of HotBlok is heat retention.

I own an old house in the Suwalki Region as well as an apartment within a block. In the old, post-German house I sleep incomparably better than in the apartment (from 2014, with electric ventilation). I have the impression, that clay (brick) walls absorb moisture and allow it to evaporate, depending on external conditions. Unfortunately, heating this house is not easy. HotBlok combines the advantages of a brick house and, at the same time, maintains exceptional thermal performance. I recommend this solution.


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